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The Weeks Preceding This Moment, a Review

The current milieu: rain is deluging the streets, wind is blowing from all angles and dark grey clouds loom above. Distant, frustrated drivers honking at who knows, and the air in the streets stenches like garbage. Makes me question why urbanization is trending.


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Things Clicked!

Victory! I found accommodation. In short, I did thorough planning and contemplation on living in a camper van during the studies.


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Why I Started a Blog

Finally, I had the motivation to start writing a personal blog. Countless moments of pondering, planning and procrastinating this blog was born, though it wasn't an easy task.


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My First Bitcoin Coffee

My expedition in the Netherlands had a few leisure activities too apart from all the exhaustive house search. As an avid cryptocurrency advocate, part of the plan was to find the one the café that accepted Bitcoin in Amsterdam — Wijs en Zonen, recommended by a redditor, 4 years ago. The mission was to buy my first Bitcoin coffee.


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House Hunting in the Netherlands

Hoi allemaal! You can call me Willem, like the guys at Starbucks and Jumbo.

I was on a solo adventure in the Netherlands 21.-26.7. With only a one-way ticket and a yellow backpack, I traveled to the Netherlands, unbeknownst to me when I shall return. My plan was to find accommodation for the duration of my 3 year studies in International Bachelor in Psychology, then return home.


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