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An Update, plus Plans for Early 2019

It has been a while since the last time I wrote. Getting back to the routine is tough after spending a lazy and nonchalant Christmas vacation.



Accident Astray

Fifteen years old, young and naivë, I participated in the Finnish Lutheran tradition, the confirmation class. It was the last step before I had the right to marry: as if I was going to meet a girl anyways, not to mention marry, ever.


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Black on White

As a beginner writer, I am still trying to find my ways of blogging. One is what to write of, and two is how to write, but now time has come to have deeper look on blog photos. Alas, I decided to delete the photos on previous posts and I won't have any photos on future posts.



The First Exams Are Over

It was Sunday. I was recovering from a minor headache. I had enjoyed probably few too many vodka shots at friend's place the day before. The deadline for a research paper assignment was due very soon and I hadn't had a slightest clue where to start and what to write of. The laundry machine alerted “Houston, we have a problem” keeping my only underwear hostage until noon, when I finally found the hidden emergency lever. The exam week was tomorrow...


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Eureka, Psychology!

“What do you want to do when you grow up?”

When I was a little child, in every family reunion all the relatives has asked me this same question half seriously, half jokingly. I didn't know the answer.

Truth is that the notion of a dream career, including the wide array of other ambitions and motivations, shapes and shifts form in a constant flux. Usually at a slow pace, but sometimes quite drastically. Something happened to me one day. I experienced a sudden epiphany: I want to be a psychologist.


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The Defier of the Wind Emperor

I enjoy my morning coffee, pack my laptop, books and notes in the yellow backpack. I exit the bicycle shed. I have two bicycles; a metal lump of a roadster with an ugly paint, and a grey rusty piece of scrap that once resembled a fine racing bicycle.


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The Weeks Preceding This Moment, a Review

The current milieu: rain is deluging the streets, wind is blowing from all angles and dark grey clouds loom above. Distant, frustrated drivers honking at who knows, and the air in the streets stenches like garbage. Makes me question why urbanization is trending.


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Things Clicked!

Victory! I found accommodation. In short, I did thorough planning and contemplation on living in a camper van during the studies.


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Why I Started a Blog

Finally, I had the motivation to start writing a personal blog. Countless moments of pondering, planning and procrastinating this blog was born, though it wasn't an easy task.


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My First Bitcoin Coffee

My expedition in the Netherlands had a few leisure activities too apart from all the exhaustive house search. As an avid cryptocurrency advocate, part of the plan was to find the one the café that accepted Bitcoin in Amsterdam — Wijs en Zonen, recommended by a redditor, 4 years ago. The mission was to buy my first Bitcoin coffee.