Poems vol. 1

Stardust – Part I

In the dark winter Surrounded by the night owls' greed Two fireflies meet

Their eyes touched now Shared by common theme, oh wow Eager to read minds

Almost a midnight One lost the other in a row Following the flow

Her motions ablaze Pulling me into her grace Moon melts on the face

Both motions adjoined A fast ascend, all but blend We collide, wander

Though, just briefly so For a second time around A different beat aloud

Unknown motions A sea of mingled emotions Very much alive

Together, as one Illuminating the path With laughter, wunderbar

A cold night's breeze Against the wall, both so pleased Wished the time freeze

At the fields of grass Ecstatic moments pass, ah Brief gust, not meant to last

Borrowed bicycle Minutes slim, already there? A last kiss, goodbye

The glowing smile Dearly, always in my heart Merely, stardust?

Fairytale – Part II

Phenomenal girl We were worlds apart Never divided in heart We told each other Of how we missed one another You had to depart But I kept you in my heart You went digital Here, now, once again physical Irresistible.

You said you missed me However you did not kiss me? You left me alone in my head Was there unknown things left unsaid?

On the streets of Berlin Once my bonfire lit therein The desire for a Schmidt within Ever a thought of you above You made me fall in love

In the thickening plot I tried to clock But you left the spot I wondered and whatnot If it was my fault

I am with a broken heart Forced to forget and restart I lived in a fantasy What a catastrophe

I found no love After all there was none I suffocated in my woe Like an embryo I never let you know

You fade away I never had you anyway Without you, all is in disarray I fall out and break away And cry, alas, a fairytale!

Katharsis – Part III

I hid my flaws To become a Santa Claus I followed the laws And never rocked the boat I sent whatever happy emote I showed you my cards The game shattered into shards I wasn't your king nor yang Just bunch of yin and no bang I played the nice guy hand

I never spot your cues Ever got myself in blues I was in love to a fairytale A guy packed with nice guy detail I lacked your heroic tale

I shaved bald Found myself lost and stalled I wish I told you my feelings Of the true meanings I was in love

I am sorry for all this Too late but to reminisce I wish it wasn't so But you need to know I will miss you tho